10 Tips For a Great Real Estate Headshot

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If you're in the real estate industry, a good headshot is extremely important. In fact, it's more important than it is in other industries. Buying or selling a home is a long process and people want to know who they'll be working with. That's why most ads for a home [...]

What’s the Best Lighting for Wedding Photography?

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What in the USA, with the average cost of a wedding being more than $31,000, many are trying to cut the costs somewhere. Some save on makeup, decor, amount of guests, venue location and more. But one thing you should always splurge on is hiring a photographer that suits your [...]

5 Gorgeous Outdoor Wedding Venues in Dallas

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Choosing a wedding venue can be one of the most stressful parts of wedding planning but it could be really exciting if you decide to enjoy the research. It's your day so do it your way. Researching outdoor wedding venues in Dallas can be great fun. An outdoor wedding venue [...]

7 Pre-wedding Photography Tips for a Wonderful Photoshoot

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Pre-wedding photography has become a standard for many couples. Pre-wedding photography shoots take place 3-6 months prior to the wedding. These shoots are also popularly known as engagement shoots. But, some couples wonder if they are necessary. Many budget-conscious couples are foregoing engagement shoots to save money. But, that's a [...]

Simple Is Chic: 10 Reasons Brides Are Choosing Cheap Wedding Dresses

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In 2016, the average cost of a wedding in the United States was more than $35 thousand. More and more, couples feel pressure to create the perfect day for their friends and family to celebrate. It's easy for expenses to get out of hand. The good news is that there [...]

Haggard Park Engagement in Plano, Texas

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Engagement Photos at Haggard Park, Plano I'm a huge fan of shooting outdoors! For a wedding/engagement photographer this means not having to bring every single piece of gear I own! There is nothing like creating awesome imagery with just a camera body and a good prime lens. Using natural light [...]

4 Reasons to Have an Outdoor Wedding

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Your wedding day is meant to be special and shared with the people you love most. You want it to be a memorable experience that lasts forever. Location, season, and cost will be important factors when planning your day. Will it be in a chapel, a destination wedding, at a hotel or [...]

Wedding Decor: 5 Spectacular Wedding Decoration Ideas

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The bride isn't the only thing that has to be decked out for your wedding. Your venue has to meet the mark as well. At this point, you're probably scrambling around looking for wedding decoration ideas. We get it: you're stressed enough without having to worry about whether your decorations [...]

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