Simple Is Chic: 10 Reasons Brides Are Choosing Cheap Wedding Dresses

Simple Is Chic: 10 Reasons Brides Are Choosing Cheap Wedding Dresses

In 2016, the average cost of a wedding in the United States was more than $35 thousand. More and more, couples feel pressure to create the perfect day for their friends and family to celebrate.

It’s easy for expenses to get out of hand.

The good news is that there are ways to cut down on costs without having to sacrifice on quality. This is especially true when it comes to purchasing a wedding dress.

Wedding dresses can become one of the most expensive items eating into the budget for your big day. But they don’t have to be, and saving money on your dress will allow you to spend elsewhere.

It’s easier than ever to get cheap wedding dresses you’ll love and will be thrilled to be photographed in.

Read on to learn more about our top 10 reasons why you should look at cheap wedding dresses for your big day.

1. You Only Wear the Dress Once

As special as your wedding day is, it’s still only one day. Unlike all the other dresses in your closet, your wedding dress is something you’ll never wear again.

Considering cheap wedding dresses makes sense, especially when you consider that you’ll only be wearing the dress for a couple of hours. It’s not a smart investment to spend thousands of dollars.

The pictures of you in your dress will last a lifetime, but the garment won’t.

2. The Dress Will Get Dirty

Throughout the course of your wedding day and night, your dress will go through a lot. If you’re having an outdoor wedding or taking pictures outside, it’s almost guaranteed that the bottom of your dress will get dirty.

When you’re dancing and greeting people, it’s also very possible that someone will step on your dress accidentally.

Because of the potential for wear and tear, it doesn’t make sense to spend an extravagant amount of money on something that may end up in poor condition by the end of the night.

3. You Can Shop Sales

Cheap wedding dresses may be low in cost, but they don’t have to be low in quality. A lot of bridal stores and salons host sales throughout the year. That gives you the chance to get an originally expensive dress at a much lower price.

If you do plan on looking for a cheap wedding dress at a sale, be sure to plan ahead. Wedding dress sales can get chaotic quickly, so it’s best to have an idea of what you’re looking for even before you step foot in the store.

4. You’re Having a Casual Wedding

The idea of what a wedding can be and should be is much broader than it has ever been. Some couples still choose to go over-the-top with extravagance, but many others are opting for more low-key, simple affairs.

A casual wedding allows you to be more creative with your attire. An expensive, detailed ballgown would be too formal, but cheap wedding dresses provide lots of appropriate options.

5. You Prefer a Short Dress

Some brides prefer to wear a short dress for their big day, but many wedding dress stores have a limited selection.

If you’re looking for a short dress, you may have better luck shopping at regular stores for a white dress at your desired length, rather than heading to a bridal salon.

Not only will the selection be better, you’ll be able to keep costs down.

6. You’re an Indecisive Shopper

Buyer’s remorse is never fun to experience. When you’ve spent thousands of dollars on an item, it can be even more painful when you come to regret the purchase.

Investing in an expensive wedding dress typically means you’re stuck with it no matter what — even if your taste changes or your wedding plans get altered.

Cheap wedding dresses are a much more practical commitment. Even if you do change your mind before the big day, you haven’t wasted too much money.

You can select a different inexpensive dress without feeling any guilt.

7. You Have other Priorities

Spending a lot of money on a wedding dress might require you to make sacrifices elsewhere in your wedding planning. But you should allocate your budget based on your priorities, not anyone else’s expectations.

If you’ve always dreamed about a killer honeymoon or an amazing band, that’s what you should prioritize. Save on the dress, and spend on the things that you and your fiance really care about.

8. You Want your Dress to be Unique

The majority of brides may continue to shop for dresses at bridal salons.

While there’s nothing wrong with that, it can lead to everyone looking the same.

Even if it’s not an identical dress, so many brides are attracted to similar styles and silhouettes, to the point where nothing feels unique.

Cheap wedding dresses tend to be more creative, and they aren’t influenced by the designer trends.

9. You Want to Change During Your Wedding

There are lots of reasons why a bride may choose to change dresses during her wedding day. Maybe you’re having a formal ceremony but a more casual reception. Or maybe you just want to surprise your guests.

Whatever the reason, shopping for less expensive dresses will give you more flexibility to purchase two different garments that can give you the two different looks you’re going for.

10. You Want the Focus Elsewhere

So much of the pressure couples feel when planning a wedding is external. It comes from family, friends, or social media.

Many brides care less about what the wedding looks like, and more about what it represents. The focus isn’t on having the perfect dress, it’s on starting a life with the person they love.

Shopping for and wearing a simple wedding dress is a great way to drive that point home.

Ready to Start Shopping for Cheap Wedding Dresses?

No matter what your budget, a wedding dress is made beautiful by the bride wearing it. The price tag isn’t what makes it special.

Spending your money elsewhere may go a lot further toward giving you the dream wedding you deserve.

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