10 Tips For a Great Real Estate Headshot

10 Tips For a Great Real Estate Headshot

If you’re in the real estate industry, a good headshot is extremely important. In fact, it’s more important than it is in other industries.

Buying or selling a home is a long process and people want to know who they’ll be working with. That’s why most ads for a home usually include the agent’s picture.

But it’s not enough to have a headshot. It needs to be high-quality and give potential customers an appropriate glimpse into who you are. A headshot also helps target a particular audience.

As an agent, this is a big element in your overall branding. It’s important you get the perfect shot when working with a professional photographer.

To help you out before your next shoot, let’s go over ten tips for a great real estate headshot.

1. Display Confidence

Even if you’re not feeling confident on the day of the shoot, you need to come across as confident in your headshot. Potential customers view a lack of confidence as weakness, and this is a liability in the real estate industry.

Before the shoot, try psyching yourself up. You can do this with music or just a little meditation. Some people feel silly doing this, but it helps more than you think.

Think about your future goals and the importance of a strong persona. This helps you look determined during the shoot.

2. Consider the Background

If you decide to take a real estate headshot outside, consider your setting. This is a great way to say something about your business practices and target a specific audience.

Choose a background that’s in line with what you do. If you sell up-scale residential real estate, a beautiful neighborhood serves as a great setting.

You can also use a local landmark or attraction as a backdrop to connect you to a specific city or region.

If you go with an artificial backdrop, let your photographer advise you on colors and textures that work well with your attire.

3. Avoid Props

When taking a professional real estate headshot, it’s better to avoid using props such as cell phones or standing next to a for-sale sign.

These props don’t add anything to the shot and come across as cheesy and inexperienced. Keep the focus on you and the quality of the shot.

4. A Natural Smile

Aside from coming across confident, you want potential customers to view you as approachable. People who look friendly come across more trustworthy than those who look intimidating or unhappy.

You also want to achieve a natural smile. A fake smile is transparent, so try to remain in a good mood and have fun while at your shoot.

Small talk with your photographer helps break the ice, so get to know them. Joking around won’t hurt and may just help capture your natural smile.

5. What to Wear

What you’re wearing is important in any professional headshot. Your attire is also another way to target a specific audience.

Before your shoot, think about how you’d meet a customer for the first time. If you don’t have a formal style, then it makes no sense to come across formal in your headshot.

Keep in mind that even if you go for a casual look, you want to look good and put-together. Try to avoid any busy patterns or too much jewelry that distracts from your face.

6. Your Hairstyle

When you schedule to have a real estate headshot taken, consider your hair and if you need a haircut before the shoot. It’s a good idea for your hair to look its best.

Keep your hairstyle simple and along the lines of your day-to-day look. A good-looking haircut that you like will give you some extra confidence during the shoot. A hairstyle that’s out of the ordinary will make you self-conscious.

7. Good Posture

Your mother always told you to sit up straight and now it’ll pay off. Whether you’re standing or sitting for your professional photo, remember to have good posture.

If you slump, people may take this as a sign of weakness. When you’re sitting up straight, you look more confident and professional. A person with good posture is someone who’s going to work hard for their clients.

8. A Little Makeup Won’t Hurt

A bit of makeup will help people’s perception of you and get rid of any wrinkles and blemishes. This applies to both men and women.

Most women in the professional world wear some amount of makeup anyway. During your headshot, your makeup should remain as natural as possible. Don’t overdo it just because you’re having a photo taken.

Makeup shouldn’t be noticeable on men. It should only enhance skin tone and cover any imperfections. A professional photographer should know what looks best.

9. Relax

You should look completely relaxed in your real estate headshot. Giving off a tense or anxious vibe could drive away potential clients. Relaxation in the professional world is also a sign of confidence.

Unfortunately, when a photographer tells you to relax, it can actually make you tense. Try brief meditation before your shoot to calm your nerves.

It also helps to get to know your photographer before the shoot. It’s easier to relax if you feel comfortable joking around. Some people even like to have a drink before the shoot.

10. Keep Files of Your Headshot

When you get a good real estate headshot, always remember to keep digital files of the photo. Get these in the highest resolution possible.

You’ll likely use your headshot for a number of things like ads, social media or your profile on a company website. If you get a photo you really like, you may want to use it in the future too. It may be hard to get ahold of the photographer down the road, so make sure and hold on to the files.

Get the Most out of Your Real Estate Headshot

If you work in the real estate industry, your face is a big part of your branding. Because your clients are working directly with you throughout the process, you’re really selling yourself along with your expertise. This starts with a good headshot.

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