5 Gorgeous Outdoor Wedding Venues in Dallas

Choosing a wedding venue can be one of the most stressful parts of wedding planning but it could be really exciting if you decide to enjoy the research. It’s your day so do it your way. Researching outdoor wedding venues in Dallas can be great fun.

An outdoor wedding venue is a great option for your wedding. It can be flexible, beautiful and it’s a photographers dream.

Read on to learn about 5 gorgeous outdoor wedding venues in Dallas.

1. The Filter Building

Located at White Rock Lake, The Filter Building offers the happy couple the opportunity to be married on the waterfront. This historic building has character. Ironwork, exposed brick, and the industrial feel combine well with the natural surroundings.

This venue is less expensive than many but you get a blank canvas to work with. You can create your own themes and do it your way. Get creative and you can have a unique wedding.

2. Nasher Sculpture Centre

The Nasher Sculpture Centre is an indoor-outdoor venue with dramatic gardens. Picasso, Calder and Miro sculptures surround you. The ponds and magnolias add natural beauty to an al fresco wedding.

The indoor space has striking lofty architecture. The stunning art will feed your guests souls and they will also enjoy dining on food by Wolfgang Puck Catering.

This venue is not a blank canvass. It has character and artistic ambiance with little need to gild the lily.

3. The Grove

Often, an outdoor wedding venue consists of a garden by a hotel. An artificial feature might serve as the focus for the wedding ceremony or photographs. This is not what you get at The Grove.

Be prepared for 45 acres of huge Texas oaks, fabulous views and complete privacy. You can get married in a meadow or in a purpose-built indoor venue with views of the property.

4. Dallas Arboretum

With 66 acres of event space, you have a great range of options to help realize your wedding vision. If you choose to marry in the spring your backdrop can be masses of colorful azaleas and tulips.

The convenient Dallas location is near White Rock Lake. The outdoor space is complemented by several indoor spaces for dancing and dining.

5. Dove Ridge Vineyard

Just over an hour from the center of Dallas is Dove Ridge Vineyard. Here you can marry in hill country style. They can accommodate 700 guests in both inside and outside spaces.

The reception hall has a massive stone fireplace and vaulted ceilings. The outdoors includes meadows and open countryside. Walk through picturesque grape growing country.

Many More Outdoor Wedding Venues in Dallas

There are so many more great outdoor wedding venues in Dallas. This has been just a taste of the exciting options available.

It helps to talk to people about their experience of a venue. Who better to talk to than a wedding photographer? They visit so many wedding venues and know what will look great in the wedding photos too.

To learn more about wedding venues in Dallas and to talk about wedding photography click here.