7 Pre-wedding Photography Tips for a Wonderful Photoshoot

7 Pre-wedding Photography Tips for a Wonderful Photoshoot

Pre-wedding photography has become a standard for many couples. Pre-wedding photography shoots take place 3-6 months prior to the wedding. These shoots are also popularly known as engagement shoots.

But, some couples wonder if they are necessary. Many budget-conscious couples are foregoing engagement shoots to save money. But, that’s a huge mistake.

Nothing is worse than a bad wedding photographer. Why not test their skills before the big day? Your wedding day is the best day of your life, and it should be captured properly.

Why is Pre-Wedding Photography Important?

Pre wedding photography gives you a feel for your photographer and their skills. You also get to build rapport with your photographer prior to the big day.

It’s important to feel comfortable with your photographer so you can get the best photos possible. When you are comfortable your real personality is able to come out, and that makes your photos more natural.

A pre-wedding shoot is also great for you as a couple. You have the opportunity to have a romantic day reigniting the magic they brought you together in the first place.

Pre-wedding photography is a beautiful keepsake to commemorate your final months before marriage. They also make a wonderful addition to your save-a-dates and wedding website.

And using the same photographer for your pre-wedding photos and your wedding day will give your photos a sense of continuity.

Keep reading for 7 reasons tips to the perfect engagement photos.

1. Choose the Right Photographer

Your photographer makes or breaks your shoot. Do your research before booking. Check out the photographer’s website and portfolio. It’s important that you are familiar with their style and skill-level before booking.

Find someone who matches you and your partner’s style and taste. You should see yourself in the photographer’s portfolio.

Never ask a photographer to shoot in someone else’s style. You will end up disappointed. Book someone who shoots in a style you love!

2. Read the Fine Print

After you find a photographer you love you need to do some more research before booking your session. It’s important that you know the photographer’s rates and schedule. And become familiar with their booking policies.

Most photographers won’t discuss any details for your shoot until you complete your booking paperwork and pay the booking fee. And many photographers will not refund your booking fees, so it is vital that you are certain you want to work with them.

Ask them about any additional fees for travel and options for professional printing packages. Some photographers can also handle your save-a-dates for you.

Also, review their cancellation policies.

3. Ask for Advice

Your photographer is an experienced professional that shot countless couples — use him or her as a resource for planning the perfect shoot. Consult your photographer for advice on your theme, location, and clothing.

Many shoots go wrong because the couple doesn’t consult their photographer. Talk to your photographer and plan your shoot ahead with their help.

You want your photos to be flawless, help your photographer make that happen by working together. They can help you realize a complex concept or tweak an outfit so it looks better on film.

It’s always best to air on the side of caution and ask your photographer for their help.

4. Choose a Theme and Location

You want your photos to reflect you and your unique love story — put careful consideration into your theme for your photos.

Avoid going with a dramatic look or theme, make sure whatever you pick reflects you and your partner’s personality.

Location is everything in your photos. Choose someplace that complements your theme and personality. Some couples choose a place that is significant to them as a couple.

While others choose locations that are known for scenic beauty. Talk to your photographer if you need help deciding where to take your photos. They can help you find the perfect location.

5. Look Your Best

Plan ahead of time so you can look your best on your photo day.

Go shopping for new outfits and coordinate with your partner. And make sure you have several changes of clothes.

Some couples ruin their shoots by forgetting to pack extra outfits. Always double check your clothes and accessories before leaving for the shoot. It would be disappointing to show up with half your outfit missing!

Make sure to take care of yourself leading up to the shoot. Drink plenty of water so you look healthy and fresh for your photos. And make sure you get plenty of sleep the night before so you don’t look tired or puffy in the pictures.

6. Practice Posing

Posing is so important but so few couples actually practice before their shoots. It can feel unnatural and clunky at first to pose, that’s why you want to practice.

Go online and look up a few popular pre-wedding photography poses. Pick ones that you love and share your sample photos with them on the day of the shoot.

Some photographers are also excellent with candid photos. Talk to your photographer about including some candid shots.

7. Have Fun

The most important thing you can do is have a good time at your shoot.

Forget the camera and focus on the partner and the love you both share. Your pictures will be more natural if you let loose and have fun.

Always be confident in yourself and enjoy the beauty of being you.

Don’t worry about your looks too much, just own the awesomeness of being you. Every angle is a good angle if you are having a good time.

Hire a Pre-Wedding Photographer Today

Your engagement is an exciting time in your life — commemorate it with a dreamy pre-wedding photo shoot. Pre-wedding photography helps you get a feel for your photographer before the big day.

Pre-wedding photos are also an awesome time for you and your partner. Spending an afternoon together taking romantic photos gives your love a turbo charge.

Make sure you research your photographer before you book. Check out our portfolios today and book an amazing photographer for your engagement photos.


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