Wedding Decor: 5 Spectacular Wedding Decoration Ideas

Wedding Decor: 5 Spectacular Wedding Decoration Ideas

The bride isn’t the only thing that has to be decked out for your wedding. Your venue has to meet the mark as well. At this point, you’re probably scrambling around looking for wedding decoration ideas.

We get it: you’re stressed enough without having to worry about whether your decorations will match the carpet. Luckily, we’re here to come to your rescue with versatile ideas that won’t break your budget but will have your guests whispering in awe.

White string lights

White string lights aren’t reserved just for your Christmas tree or for trimming your house for the holidays: they’re actually one of the most ingenious wedding decoration ideas!

Twinkling lights can help provide a wistful, whimsical atmosphere to your wedding, and are a great touch if you have an outdoor venue. Use them to add a little bit of magic to your wedding.

What’s great is that you can get white Christmas lights as a bargain pretty much all year, so they won’t cost you a fortune.


When you think of a romantic dinner, what do you think of? Dim lighting and I bet candles make an appearance, don’t they? Why not up the romantic ante by adding them to your wedding?

Tens to hundreds of candles flickering and glowing at once will create an atmosphere that’s as dreamy as it is romantic – and your big day deserves all the romance you can squeeze out of it!

Additionally, you don’t need to go all out with dozens of scented candles for this. Tea lights are beyond cheap, and you can buy them in bags of 50 or more!

Ceiling drapes

If you’re looking to add a unique touch to your wedding without putting in a ton of effort, look into hanging fabric from the ceiling.

That’s it. Hang fabric.

Naturally, the effectiveness of this will depend on your venue (if they have rafters, the odds are in your favor) and the way you hang the fabric.

Pin or tack the fabric to the center of the ceiling and drape it along the outer walls for optimal effect.

The billowy fabric will add to the magic of your big day, and you can even hang them in fun colors that suit your theme.

Hanging flowers

Flowers don’t just make great bouquets and centerpieces. They can be focal points as wedding decorations.

If you hang your flowerpots a few feet above the table, you can create whimsical hanging gardens that both entertain your guests and give the illusion of a more intimate reception hall.

Colored glassware

Are you down to the wire and need that final touch to make your wedding truly your own? Look to colored glassware.

It doesn’t seem like much, but colored glasses are a fantastic way to make sure your reception area pops. It’s also a great way to add that final little touch of you into your wedding.

Wedding decoration ideas don’t have to drain the bank

Decorating an entire venue (or multiple venues) can seem like a massive undertaking, but there’s no reason to bleed your budget dry over your wedding decorations.

There are fun and versatile ways to decorate your reception and ceremony venues that will keep things elegant and subtle and will have your guests enthralled.

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