4 Reasons to Have an Outdoor Wedding

4 Reasons to Have an Outdoor Wedding

Your wedding day is meant to be special and shared with the people you love most. You want it to be a memorable experience that lasts forever.

Location, season, and cost will be important factors when planning your day.

Will it be in a chapel, a destination wedding, at a hotel or will you go with an outdoor wedding? Do you want an afternoon service or an evening affair? Is there a budget you must stay within or is the sky the limit for your fairy tale extravaganza?

If an outdoor wedding is what you have in mind, here are 4 reasons why you should fall in love with the idea.

Creative scenery captures the essence of your ceremony

The great outdoors provides a glorious backdrop for weddings. Whether on the beach, in a garden, alongside a lake or on a rooftop, an outdoor wedding can be serene and beautiful.

Often, outdoor settings come with vast amounts of space that eliminates the need to limit your guest list. However, if you want a smaller ceremony it’s easy to create an intimate setting too.

An outdoor wedding is a photographer’s dream

Natural light is the best for photography. It’s soft, warm, dimensional, and just flat-out magical.

Photographs are how we relive that special day and having the moment captured in vivid color keeps the memory alive. You’ll be able to look back on this day time and time again.

The perfect professional photographer will know exactly what to do to give you the best photos.

Go all out and create a theme that tells your love story

Why incorporate a beach theme inside a hotel ballroom when you can take the wedding to the beach?

Some indoor venues are restrictive when it comes to decorating. An outdoor wedding gives you more freedom to do what you like.

If a country wedding with bales of hay is your thing, no problem. Want to bring in your own furniture or use family heirlooms to set the table, go ahead.

What about candles? So many indoor venues limit their use or restrict them all together. With an outdoor setting, you can often have as many candles as you’d like.

Have a dinner fit for a king and queen

Another plus for going with an outdoor wedding is having the flexibility to plan your own menu.

Let’s face it, using a hotel venue for your wedding means a menu with set selections to choose from. It also comes with their chefs.

Choosing your own menu and caterer allows you to be as frugal or elegant as you want. Not only do you get to set your own menu, you have more control over when the meal is served and for how long.

So go ahead and plan a feast!

These are only a few reasons why you should plan an outdoor wedding. Whatever you decide, Daniel Motta Photography is here to capture the magic of your special day.

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