Does Your Headshot Match Your Brand?

There is this tiny little detail we need to address if you want to attract new customers or clients using your website or social media. A corporate headshot which will make you look professional and trustworthy.

But how do you make it match your brand? How do you get a great corporate headshot when you have no idea where to start? Keep reading for five tips to take your professional profile photo to the next level!

1. It All Starts With The Photographer

Like it or not, this is a task you cannot do on your own. Pros exist for a reason, and, fortunately, we are among those who specialize in capturing great professional headshots.

A professional photographer can determine the style your corporate headshot should have. Is your brand playful, is it serious, minimal? Only professionals can actually help you realize how you should pose, what to wear, the colors, the styling, everything.

To make up your mind about the right photographer, you need to take a look at their professional portfolio where you can take a look at their work.

Some questions you need to ask yourself should include:

  • Have they worked with high-end clients?
  • Do they work with natural or studio light?
  • Do they capture motion well?
  • Are their photos “interactive” or just plain, one-dimensional pieces?

However, you should definitely look at their work as a whole and see if their work “speaks” to you. You don’t essentially have to work with photographers you have worked with in the past. Every professional has their own area of expertise.

2. Keep Dress Code in Mind

You’ve heard it before but first impression matters. It really does. Think of your professional headshot as the first impression you make during a meeting with potential clients who have never seen you before.

A great factor which determines the first impression? Styling!

In order to come up with the right styling, you need to take a look at your brand first. Is it playful and colorful or a more serious, corporate style of a brand with “sophisticated” services or products? Is it both?

In any case, you need to look professional, lean, and, by all means, trustworthy. And this is a great piece of advice you should put into action in real life as well –not just your corporate headshot.

3. Express Your Brand. Not Yourself.

Normally, when most people take a photo they smile. However, your smile (or your facial expression in general) should reflect your brand and not your own personality.

So, if your business is too serious and stern, you need to put on a soft, closed mouth expression to make people feel you as a confident professional. Now, if the company culture is fun and playful, a big smile or even a funny face could really save the day.

Please, also remember that you need to keep your target audience in mind. Their age, their habits, and the things they want to see to you.

4. Let’s Talk About Your Setting

Taking a photo in front of a white wall feels a little bit boring, doesn’t it? On the other hand, a headshot in a great-looking setting will engage your audience even more.

However, keep your setting relevant to your product or service. If you are a personal trainer, make sure you take a photo in your studio, if you are a graphic designer, stand in front of a wall with a cool illustration on it, and so on.

This little trick will liven up your professional headshot for sure. You can always click here for some great examples of personal branding I have worked on.

5. Do Your Research

There’s nothing wrong with keeping track of your competitors. Take a look at what they do and do some extra research on how you can take it to the next level.

Of course, as stated in tip number 1, you also need to find a great photographer. Thank God, you do not need to spend the time to find one!

Click here to contact me and we can work on your corporate headshot together. I’d be more than happy to help!