The importance of a professional headshot for job hunters

Job seekers across industries who want a leg up on the competition should consider adding a professional headshot to their outgoing applications. A business headshot is usually a portrait-style image captured by a professional photographer that presents the subject in neutral business attire — with a relatively neutral facial expression. They are often used to convey the professionalism and thoughtfulness of the individual, and may include subtle elements related to their industry or field of expertise.

Professional headshots, also called “business portraits” or “LinkedIn headshots,” are a wonderful addition to resumes, cover letters, job search profiles, and freelancer websites. Job seekers can reap myriad benefits from including a polished image of themselves with their resume and cover letter when applying for a new job. Even those who are not job hunting should include a professional headshot on their online profiles, company websites, and press releases.


Consider the perspective of a recruiter or hiring manager; they often have to sift through hundreds, if not thousands of employee profiles and resumes, many of which probably look very similar to one another. Not only does adding a business headshot make your resume stand out from those that are sans-photo, but it also makes it more memorable. Adding a headshot also conveys that you are willing to go the extra mile to achieve your goals. 

Getting to the next step of the hiring process can be as simple as leaving a lasting impression on recruiters. Hiring a professional photographer to capture your headshot is the best way to take a great image to include with your resume and cover letter. Not only do they have the expertise to capture the most flattering image, but they can also edit a simple headshot into a stunning business portrait suitable to include with all of your job applications. 


The best business headshots make job seekers appear friendly, competent, and professional. Natural lighting and candid elements help make the image appear more personal, while flattering, modest attire and neat styling display attention-to-detail and professionalism. 

Depending on the job title you wish to obtain, you can choose to capture your headshots either outdoors or in a photography studio. Each option offers its own benefits; consult with your professional photographer about which might be better suited to your desired role.

You may want to consider how your prospective employer presents its current employees. Visit company websites within your desired industry and check out their “About” or “Our Team” page to see how employees are presented to the public. This can offer insight about whether to smile, what to wear, and in which setting to capture your headshot.


Job hunters should always consider investing in a set of professional headshots as they reenter the labor market. Standing out from other applicants with a stunning business portrait could mean the difference between being overlooked and landing an interview.

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