Corporate Headshot

How Much is too Much? Planning Your Corporate Headshots

What’s in a headshot? It’s just a picture of you, right? Is it really that important?

Yes! It is super important. Your headshot says a ton about you and your business without you ever opening your mouth or writing a word.

When people take a peek at your headshot, they’re getting an idea about you. They see your look, brand, age, style, and professionalism (or lack thereof). Even some of your personality comes out in a headshot.

So yes, your headshot says a lot about you. As you’re planning your new corporate headshots, you need to decide what is (and isn’t) important to include.

Let’s take a look!

Your Face

Obviously, your face needs to be in the shot. But take care with how you present yourself. A lot can be said about you simply by how you look.

If you’re planning corporate headshots, then you most likely work in some kind of professional field. Thus you don’t want to look unkempt.

For example, an overgrown beard on a male lawyer doesn’t exactly scream attention to detail. Your clients are looking for somebody that doesn’t cut corners.

You want to present your best self, but you don’t want to overdo it either. For example, many women may choose to use a professional makeup artist for the shoot.

But you need to look like you in the photo. Ask your makeup artist for a flattering, natural look that won’t leave people wondering if you’re the same person when they see you.

Your Hair

The same thing can be said about your hair. For corporate headshots, you don’t want crazy, unkempt hair.

It’s best to keep your hair out of your face. But don’t go crazy with the style. Headshot day is not the time to experiment with a hairstyle reminiscent of Queen Amidala from Star Wars.

If you have big hair and normally wear it that way, no problem! You want people to see the real you. Just try to keep it back from your face so that people aren’t distracted by hair hanging in your face.

Your Clothes

What you wear is also an important part of the impression the photo will make. For corporate headshots, you typically want to stick with neutral colors.

If you want to wear a print, it should be low-key. The idea is not to take attention away from the face. In the same vein, big flashy jewelry isn’t the best idea either.

Plus, the style of your clothing should be in line with whatever work you do. A psychologist wearing a loud Hawaiian print doesn’t convey the reassuring calmness that you want to exhibit.

New Corporate Headshots

Now you know what to include in your new headshot. The next most important element is to choose the right photographer.

The right photographer will know how to use light and their equipment to show the best side of you. They’ll aim for capturing the right expression on your face as that will convey a bit about you as well.

Looking to go beyond just a headshot? Check out our corporate portrait portfolio as well!