Have you ever stared at a photo and fallen in love? Even though it was incredibly simple, containing only a closeup of a woman’s face or a still shot of a dead tree on the horizon, you were completely captivated.

Minimalist photography isn’t just for travel photography or the simple moments in life. It’s also well-suited to one of the most important days of your life – your wedding day.

It captures the moment and unmistakably tells a story of love. With so many other decisions to make as your happy day approaches, let’s take some of the guesswork out of the photography and break down minimalism.

Minimalist Photography Tells Your Story

Every picture has a message and minimalist photography is the best way to tell that story. It takes away every distraction from that central idea.

Whatever emotion you’d like the person viewing the photo to feel will be served up on a silver platter. With a simplified message, there’s no missing it.

Of course, love is going to be the central theme of your wedding day. So, how can this form of photography convey that meaning? Well, it almost takes on a documentary-style feel.

Instead of seeing the happy couple walk through a colorful garden hand in hand, perhaps it’s just them amidst a field of green or a deserted beach scene. As she softly lays her head on her husband’s shoulder and it’s, literally, just the two of them, that pretty much shouts, “Til death do us part.”

It Displays Well on Small Screens

Of course, the goal of wedding photography is a spectacular wedding album and perhaps a gallery wall in your new home. But, who doesn’t want a lovely screensaver for that tablet or phone we use all day, every day?

While not a primary consideration when selecting your next wedding photographer, it’s certainly a lovely perk to help you memorialize the happiest moments of your life. Plus, think about all the likes you’re going to get on Instagram!

It Works Well In Black & White and Color

Certain forms of photography lend themselves better to black and white, others to color. One of the finest perks of minimalist photography is that it works well in both formats. In fact, it embraces color well, given its simplistic nature. No photo will ever appear too busy or cluttered.

On the other hand, a black and white minimalist photo can whisk you away to that quiet moment in life. It stops the world from turning and draws you into that moment, unmistakably conveying a certain emotion.

Capture the Happiest Moments of Your Life

There’s no mistaking minimalist photography’s ability to transport couples back to their wedding day, whether it’s their one year anniversary or their 60th. Together, we can create any kind of memory you’re hoping for. Feel free to browse my gallery of wedding photos to see some ideas.

If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and would like to meet to discuss your options, feel free to drop me a line today. I’ll look forward to celebrating your special day with you!